Toshiba RDXV60 3-in-1 DVD, HDD and VHS Recorder convert VHS to DVD, Manual, HDMI

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About this item

  • HDD- 320GB Hard Drive can store upto 545 hours of your favourite TV programmes
  • Freeview + - Upto 50 digital TV and 24 radio channels without subscription and pause and record live TV
  • HDMI- easy way to connect your DVD recorder to your HD TV, upscale to 1080p
  • VHS- Playback and recording for those who want to transfer old footage to DVD
  • USB- connectivity provides an easy way to playback Divx,MP3 & Jpeg files

Product Description

The Toshiba RDXV60 upscales your standard definition DVDs into Full HD 1080p via HDMI.

Toshiba RDXV60 3-in-1 Digital Ready DVD, HDD and VHS Recorder

Enjoy digital TV and record your favourite shows

The RDXV60 is a 3-in-1 digital ready DVD, HDD and VHS recorder making it ideal for those who still have large tape collections or want to transfer old footage to DVD. It features a 320GB hard drive and Freeview+ which gives access to up to 50 digital channels without subscription as well as allowing you to pause and rewind live TV and record an entire series via series link. HDMI connectivity makes it easy to connect to your HD TV as well as upscaling standard definition DVDs to 720p, 1080i or 1080p resolution. The RDXV60 supports a wide range of DVD and CD formats and you can also watch DivX movie downloads, view digital photos and listen to MP3s.

Freeview Digital Tuner

With a built-in Freeview tuner, you'll be able to experience the easiest way to enjoy digital TV for free. There are to up to 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations. No subscription, no contract, no fuss - with a Freeview tuner you can be sure you are ready for the digital switchover, allowing you to enjoy your favourite shows in digital quality for years to come.


HDMI connectivity provides an easy way to connect your DVD recorder to your HD TV. With just a single cable, you'll be able to transfer HD-quality video and audio to your screen. HDMI is the standard for high definition connections, and you'll widely used in a number of home entertainment and computing devices, allowing you to connect the DVR20 in the most convenient way for you.

1080p Upscaling

The DVD technology converts a standard 480p signal on a standard DVD to 1080p signal for optimum picture quality on a High Definition Screen, enhancing your viewing experience. If you have a HD-Ready TV, you can also view at 720p or 1080i resolutions.


The Toshiba RDXV60 gives a new lease of life to your old movie tapes. It provides VHS playback and recording for those who still have large tape collections, or who want to transfer old footage to DVD so it can be safely enjoyed in the future.

The Toshiba RDXV60 doesn't just play DVDs and VHS - you'll also be able to enjoy DivX movies, MP3 music and JPEG photos. Click here to see a larger image.

USB Playback

USB connectivity provides an easy way to playback your compatible videos, music and photos via your DVD recorder without the hassle or burning DVDs or CDs. Enjoy DivX movies, JPEG photos and MP3 music without using a disc - simply connect a USB memory stick or other compatible device into the DVR20's USB port.

DivX Playback

Many of us enjoy films and TV via digital formats, so why limit your digital videos to just your computer? With the Toshiba RDXV60 you can enjoy digital films in the comfort of your living room with the rest of your family. Simply burn DivX movie downloads to a recordable or rewriteable CD or DVD for high-quality playback. With DivX you can fit up to six standard definition movies onto a single DVD, making it easily to store your movie collection in a compact space.

Enjoy MP3s

You can also use your DVD recorder for more than watching films. The Toshiba DVR20 allows you to listen to your MP3 music files via CD-R and CD-RW. By burning MP3 encoded tracks to these discs, your music can be played back over your TV or home entertainment system. Now you have the freedom to use your DVD recorder as a multi-purpose system - not only does it offer the perfect viewing experience, it's great for playing back your favourite songs.

Enjoy JPEG Photos

Tired of having to view your digital photos on a cramped computer screen? With the Toshiba RDXV60, you'll be able to enjoy photos on the big screen by viewing them on your TV via your DVD recorder. By simply burning your photos to a recordable or rewriteable CD or DVD in JPEG format, you'll be able to easily scroll through your photos via the remote control. Now it's easy to enjoy all of your captured memories in true resolution, from the comfort of your living room.

REGZA Link Single Remote Operation

Fewer remotes, less fuss - the convenient and easy REGZA link technology allows you to use a single remote to operate connected Toshiba TVs and DVD or Blu-ray players.


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